Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wily Weis turns into Lloyd Carr???

Picture this. 4th and 8, you're on your opponents 24 yd line, 40 secs left in the game, tie score 28-28....what do you do? Apparently if you're "ND Coaching God" and 4 time Super Bowl champ Charlie Weis, this is 4 down territory. Inexplicably, Weis sent his anemic offense out to pick up 9 yds when a 41 yd FG wins the game!!! This is not bravado, this is stupidity.

Of course, ND failed to pick up the 1st down and away the 2 teams went into OT. 3 OT's later, Charlie and ND lost 46-44 (on another shady two point conversion running call) This isn't a minor coaching hiccup, this is Grady Little in Game 7 of the ACLS, where every knowledgeable fan is screaming at the screen to make the right decision. Weis tonight placed his name at the top of the list among bonehead coaching mistakes of the past 5 years. Granted, this isn't for a BCS bowl birth, this isn't even a blip on the college football radar this year, except for this....Charlie Weis coaches at Notre Dame, a school with a multi-million dollar contract with NBC, so every decision is magnified.

As Tony Kornheiser calls them, ND is the "University of College Football in America." ND FIRED TYRONE WILLINGHAM FOR LESS, yet domers, myself included, the country over have supported Weis through this horrid stretch. My blind faith in Touchdown Charlie ends tonight. I am not calling for his head, I'm just sick of ND fans making him out to be infallible. ND's 43 year winning streak ended tonight solely because Weis overcoached his fragile team to defeat.

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