Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My EC Blogpoll Ballot - Week 11

Sorry I missed this feature last week. Old man Leland was busting my hump over these reports. Anyway, we run a blogpoll over at Epic Carnival that appears on the blog every week. Before you check out the rankings of all of the carnies, check out the ballot that I filled in with my comments:

1. Oregon - They have the best win of any top team
2. Ohio State - They better not have a let-down, because the Illini have nothing more to play for besides ruining other people's seasons.
3. LSU - They could easily be undefeated. Or they could easily have three losses. For what its worth, the most entertaining team in the nation.
4. Oklahoma - regaining momentum. Maybe the best team in the nation, but we may never know because the crapped the bed in Boulder
5. Kansas - You hang three-quarters of a hundred on somebody, you move up.
6. West Virginia - Who would have thought that the Louisville-WVU game would have so little BCS implications?
7. Missouri - I am still continuing my one man "Chase Daniel for Heisman" campaign. November 24 can't get here soon enough.
8. Connecticut - Savor the flavor. If you lose to Cinci (which I think you will) you're going to drop like a stone.
9. Georgia - I think they lose to Auburn this week.
10. Texas - Whatever
11. Auburn - If they beat Georgia, they move back into the top 10. Who knew?
12. Boston College - It is simply inexcusable to lose at home, at night, to Florida Freaking State.
13. Arizona State - There is no shame in losing at Oregon.
14. USC - Did anyone else notice that they jumped ahead of Hawaii in the AP poll even though Hawaii was idle? How'd that happen?
15. Virginia Tech - Nice win at Georgia Tech. These guys are the kings of Thursday Night Football (except vs. BC)
16. Florida - Spurrier vs. the Gators. Should be a good one Saturday night
17. Kentucky - Don't look past Vandy! Don't make the same mistake South Carolina did!
18. Michigan - Hard to believe that they could still win the Big Ten title.
19. Virginia - I don't know how, but they keep winning close games.
20. Clemson - Maybe, just maybe I was wrong about how overrated they were.
21. Cincinnati - I think they beat UConn this week.

* * * * *
Dropped out:

Wake Forest - Knew that would happend eventually
South Florida - From #2 to unranked faster than a speeding bullet.

* * * * *
Others Receiving Consideration:

Arkansas - Hey! Nice to see you guys are still playing football down there! I think they beat Tennessee and re-enter the poll

* * * * *
Since "Bye Week" is the 3rd Toughest Week on Their Schedule, I Can't Give Them Consideration:


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