Monday, February 4, 2008

Douchebags Everywhere Lament: Patriots Lose Super Bowl

I don't know if I have ever been more satisfied with the outcome of the Super Bowl. Some initial thoughts:

- The Patriots will now be compared to the '84 49ers and the '85 Bears, both of whom also went 18-1. The only difference: both of those teams won the Super Bowl.

- Maybe, instead of scoffing and giving smug press conferences like this, the Pats should wait until after the game. Because shit like that can come back to haunt you. Plaxico said that the Patriots would score17 points, and he apparently gave them too much credit. The Pats actually scored 14, 7 of which came after a pass interference call put the ball on the 1-yard-line, and 7 of which came with less than 3 minutes to go in the game.

- Bill Belichick apparently thinks that if he isn't there to witness the end of a game, then it didn't happen, or something. Bill, learn how to lose with class you dick.

- Good to know that the Patriots O-linemen will have plenty of time to tend to their beards now. Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and Michael Strahan undressed those guys last night. The Giants rarely rushed more than four defenders, and they were in Brady's face all night.
- Bill Simmons can't be liking this. And that makes all of us happy.
- ESPN can now dispense with the stupid "how would this current team do agaist these all-time great teams" pieces. Forever. Please. First of all, they began comparing the Pats to all-time great teams before the playoffs had even started. Second, the last time they wasted all of our time with one of those series, it was for the 2005 USC Trojans football team, and we all remember how that turned out.

- Its so great that Junior Seau and his stupid hats will have to wait at least another year to gravy-train a championship ring. Or who knows, maybe he will graduate.

- The only negative is that now we have to hear from the F-ing '72 Dolphins. The Giants hadn't even finished spraying each other with champagne and Mercury Morris was already giving a self-congratulatory interview on ESPN. I know, he was available? Who knew?
Thanks to The Big Lead for the pics.


salamndstron said...

Well evidently the giants had God on their side lol Giants God Vid

Anonymous said...

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crushednylon said...

Patriot haters are ALL just a bunch of jealous, poor sports who cannot give credit to one of the BEST teams in the history of the sport. Yes! That's right! Cowboys might still be America's Team, but there is nothing wrong w/ 3 Super Bowl Wins in 4 years, not to mention 2 steps closer in '07-'08. They got beat; they did not lose. The Colts (Manning, all credit due) then The Giants (another Manning, all credit due) are the only teams that gave the Pats any competition. Spygate is a bunch of crap & EVERY TEAM used it. Bill's mistake was using it vs. the Jesters (unnecessary). After Week 1 they proved themselves. The last 5 games of the year, up to the SB, Brady played w/ an injured shoulder: read the facts. This is the only reason why they suddenly became beatable. Yea, the lost the SB, so what! It was a GREAT game and all credit to the Giants. Manning was spectacular in getting out of that last sack-attempt & hitting his mark; seconds after Brady hit Moss in the other Inzone. Now T. Romo has studied the greatest QB ever; watch the way he plays: an exact duplicate of Brady! And now Brady is done for 2008-09, yet the Pats are still winning... stop wetting yourself and give credit where it's due. Just 'cause you dislike a team doesn't make them "Suck!", it makes you sound like a pathetic, jealous loser. It's pretty damn sad that America outside of New England hates a team that was design to represent everything America is: Freedom, blah blah whatever. Sick & tired of all U Patriot haters. Suck it up, shut up and just pray the team you love does something half as good as them. If you're a Giants or Colts fan, good on ya. If your a Jets or Cowboys fan, hah! No disrespect to Miami for having a terrible season: they still have the only Undefeated + SuperBowl season in '71, albeit 2 games less than the '07-'08 season. I'm counting on a Patriots vs. Cowboys SuperBowl in 2009, even w/ Brady on the bench. True, the Pats haven't really been tested yet this year, but Cassel is only just getting warmed up. Like the Boston Red Sox & the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots are just another reason why the current best in sports play in the States of Six. So go on and hate them all you like... it just makes them better. By the way, you reminded me of Bill w/ some of your shadowy arguments. I'm not trying to dis you, mate; your opinion is yours and that's fine. Not trying to make an enemy, but C'mon, get over it. The Patriots had been stinking up the NFL w/ for a LONG time and now there on and they're the team to beat. That's respect. You know you get scared whenever you watch them play, praying they'll make a mistake. Nope. They got beat, barely. Plaxico, one of the best players out there, should've given his team "17" as that is what they got to win by a mere Field Goal. But a win is a win, of course. I was upset for five minutes in the matter of the loss. I know you sweated those last 4 Hail Marys threw amazingly dead on at about 70 yard down field, but the defensive coverage was there. I tip my hat to the Giants; they beat the BEST team in the history of the NFL. The Patriots were still there no matter how you look at it, and they've won more SuperBowls since 2000 than any other team in the 2 Leagues.