Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lets Get This Clear Right Now...

...Before all of the week 17, sports-radio rabble-rousing starts in earnest:

Tony Dungy does not owe the Browns a damn thing.

Being back in the Cleveland area for the holidays has allowed me access to the myopic Cleveland area talk-radio, and with the Browns needing a Tennessee loss against the Colts (who have nothing to play for) to get into the playoffs, the usual final-week nonsense has begun already. A quick early sample:

"Tony Dungy BETTER play all his starters!"

"Can the league step in and make the Colts play their starters?"

"Dungy owes it to the integrity of the season to play Peyton Manning."

Make no mistake, the Colts do no owe the Browns anything. Even though I am an unapologetic Browns fan, I do not expect Tony Dungy to do any favors for the Browns. Dungy is in charge of the Colts, and he gets paid to put them in the best position to win the Super Bowl. If that means playing his starters, thats what he should do. If that means sitting his starters, thats what he should do. The Browns had their opportunity to play themselves into the playoffs, and they shit the bed.

Now, because Derek Anderson apparently thought that Chinedum Ndukwe was a Browns receiver, they are at the mercy of how the Tennessee-Indy game turns out.

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