Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My EC Blogpoll Ballot - Week 15

The last one of the season. I am shedding a single tear as I write this. We run a blogpoll over at Epic Carnival that appears on the blog every week. Before you check out the rankings of all of the carnies, check out the ballot that I filled in with my comments:

1- LSU - Personal feelings aside, I think this is the best team in the nation
2- Ohio State - Don't blame them. The BCS always rewards those who play easy schedules.
3- Oklahoma - Coach Bob Stoops has said in the past that he is not in favor of a playoff. Care to rethink that stance Bobby?
4- Missouri - They only lost to one team (granted, they lost to that team twice) and they fall all the way to the goddam Cotton Bowl
5- Virginia Tech - That 48-7 drubbing in Baton Rouge came back to haunt them
6- Georgia - They shouldn't have gotten crushed by Tennessee. They have no one to blame but themselves
7- Kansas - How the hell did they end up in the BCS?
8- USC - Also has no one to blame but themselves. Don't lose at home to Stanford next time.
9- Florida - Overrated, and very lucky to draw a coach-less Michigan team in the bowl
10- West Virginia - WTF???
11- Illinois - The biggest beneficiaries of OSU ending up in the title game
12- Boston College - If this team had a decent fan following (or even a just-below-average fan following) they would be in a much better bowl
13- Clemson - I can't believe there were two teams fighting for Tommy Bowden's services
14- Texas - WHATEVER!
15- Tennessee - That was about what I expected.
16- Auburn - Tommy Tuberville is staying? Who knew?
17- Wisconsin - Eh
18- Arizona State - This is about where they belong
19- Cincinnati - Coach Brian Kelly will be a hot name for coaching vacancies
20- Hawaii - I never, EVER thought they would find their way onto my ballot, let alone the top 20
21- Virginia - Is there a bowl that, year in and year out, consistenly gives you a more boring match up than the Gator Bowl? UVA-Uconn is utterly unwatchable

* * * * *
Dropped from the Rankings -
Oregon - Sad, sad ending to the season. This was the #1 team in the nation with Dennis Dixon, a Stanford-esque train-wreck without him. That is a true testament to his value.

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