Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My EC Blogpoll Ballot - Week 13

The weeks are winding down folks, so if you have missed this brilliance all season, we pity you. We run a blogpoll over at Epic Carnival that appears on the blog every week. Before you check out the rankings of all of the carnies, check out the ballot that I filled in with my comments:

1. LSU - How will they play with all of the Les Miles distractions?
2. Kansas - The showdown with Mizzou is where it should be: primetime
3. Missouri - Who would have thought this would be he game of the year?
4. Ohio State - Held Michigan to 91 total yards. 91. For the whole game.
5. Georgia - That ugly loss to Tennessee from a few weeks back is going to come back to bite them and keep them out of the SEC title game.
6. West Virginia - They keep proving me wrong.
7. Arizona State - They are here now, but I think they lose to USC on Thanksgiving night.
8. Texas - Whatever
9. Oregon - Sad, sad injury to Dixon.
10. Virginia Tech - They might get a re-match with Matt Ryan and BC in the ACC title game.
11. USC - Its going to be weird to see them in some random December bowl game.
12. Oklahoma - They could still help a lot of teams out by winning the Big 12 Championship Game
13. Florida - The Heisman is Tebow's to lose now
14. Virginia - Who's excited to possibly see a UVA-BC ACC Title Game?!
15. Boston College - Nice rebound win at Clemson
16. Illinois - See you in the Capital One Bowl. They should be pretty good next year.
17. Tennessee - It took 16 4th quarter points and a missed FG to beat Vandy at home. There has never been a less-deserving conference championship game participant.
18. Wisconsin - Kind of a disappointing year for the Badgers.
19. Cincinnati - The Bearcats have a lot to build on for next year.
20. Clemson - Sorry they had to lose to BC, but what a game.
21. Texas Tech - Mike Leach is still a Douche.

* * * * *
Others Receiving Consideration:

Auburn - Should be able to handle a reeling 'Bama team in the Iron Bowl.

* * * * *
Dropped From the Rankings:

Kentucky - I would LOVE to put them in my final poll. Doesn't look good though.

* * * * *
Finally, FINALLY, One Will Beat Them and End This Charade:


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