Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My EC Blogpoll Ballot - Week 14

Only a couple of these ballots left in the season, and if you have been following this feature each week, I think you will be surprised by this entry. We run a blogpoll over at Epic Carnival that appears on the blog every week. Before you check out the rankings of all of the carnies, check out the ballot that I filled in with my comments:

1. West Virginia - UConn is still trying to figure out what hit them on Saturday.

2. Missouri - They are the UNDERDOG in the Big 12 title game. Weird.

3. Ohio State - I wouldn't like their chances against WVU or Mizzou. They should just be happy to go to Pasadena.

4. Kansas - As weird as this year has been, they could STILL make it into the title game.

5. Georgia - If they hadn't lost to Tennessee, or if Tennessee hadn't beaten Kentucky in OT, they would have an outside shot at the title game

6. LSU - Last week I asked how they would play with the Les Miles distractions. Well, I got my answer - "poorly."

7. Virginia Tech - Maybe, just maybe, the best of the two loss teams

8. USC - Also playing well right now. Another team that would benefit if there were a playoff.

9. Boston College - I think they lose the re-match with VT on Saturday

10. Florida - Ok, maybe the most overrated team on most ballots. Tebow should win the Heisman, but don't be impressed by a home win over Florida State. The best team UF has beaten this year is Tennessee for crying out loud.

11. USC - Its going to be weird to see them in some random December bowl game.

12. Oklahoma - They could still help a lot of teams out by winning the Big 12 Championship Game

13. Illinois - Can't wait to see Zook vs. Florida

14. Clemson - They saved Tommy Bowden's job with a last-second win again.

15. Texas - I told you I saw a three-loss season for them. But even I expected them to beat lame-duck Francione

16. Tennessee - Proof that the SEC isn't as tough as its homers would like you to believe: This team could win the conference.

17. Auburn - Tommy Tuberville has got to leave, right? My guess is he'll end up coaching LSU.

18. Wisconsin

19. Cincinnati - That close loss vs. WVU looks pretty good now

20. Oregon - Is there anyone in the Leaf family with any talent?

21. Hawaii - Yes readers, Hawaii. Do not adjust your monitors, Hawaii is on my ballot. It must be freezing in Hell right now.

* * * * *
Others Receiving Consideration - Well, nobody really. Its championship week, and basically everyone who is playing this week is already ranked.

* * * * *
Dropped from the Rankings -

Texas Tech - Just because. I have no idea why I ranked them last week.

* * * * *
No Fucking Way, What? Hawaii is Ranked?

Yes. I was very impressed by that brutal beating of Boise State. It took 13 weeks, but they finally made my ballot. Not only that, but if they beat Washington - and based on what I saw last Friday, they should - they belong in a BCS bowl.

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