Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My EC Blogpoll Ballot - Week 8

Ok, so I guess this is the first official post here at TSoF, so here goes:

We run a blogpoll over at Epic Carnival that appears on the blog every week. Before you check out the rankings of all of the carnies, check out the ballot that I filled in with my comments

1. Ohio State - I'll say this: They are the best of the country's unbeaten teams. They don't really play a tough team for at least another couple weeks.
2. Oklahoma - Call me crazy, but I still think this is a top team. The loss to Colorado is looking more and more like a fluke
3. Boston College - If they beat V Tech, I might move them to #2. But I don't think either will happen.
4. LSU - I told you they were beatable, but still a top 5 team
5. South Florida - Great story, but if you think they are beating OU or LSU on a neutral field, you have been watching a different football season from me.
6. South Carolina - I've said it before and I'll say it again: Spurrier=genius
7. Kentucky - I think they have a good shot to beat the Gators this weekend
8. Oregon - RIGHT NOW, the best team in the Pac-10, especially after Cal's late game brain-fart.
9. Arizona State - So untested. We'll see how good this team is in their next two games vs. Cal and Oregon.
10. Virginia Tech - Getting better and better each week. VT vs. BC should be a good one.
11. Kansas - How can you not get behind a team who's coach looks like this?
12. Florida - The Gator's schedule this year is bru-tal! Three top 10 teams on the road?
13. Cal - I still have no earthly idea what the hell their backup QB was thinking on that last play.
14. Missouri - Chase Daniel is still a sleeper for the Heisman. Good QB matchup coming up with Texas Tech visiting Columbia this week.
15. USC - Probably overrated. They are like Pam Anderson, they haven't looked good in a while but they still get credit for how they used to look.
16. Auburn - I gave up on them too early.
17. West Virginia - As soon as they play somebody tough and look good, I'll move them up. Until then, I'll continue to say this team has lost to the only decent team they have played.
18. Texas Tech - Basketball on grass lives in Lubbock once again. They'll lose against Mizzou.
19. Tennessee - Maybe we gave up on them too? Probably not, but we'll see.
20. Texas - Whatever.
21. Michigan - I know, I'm just as surprised as you are.

* * * * *
Dropped out:

Cincinnati - A nice team, but when you are borderline, you have to beat unranked teams at home.
Illinois - A nice team, but when you are borderline, you have to beat Iowa!
Georgia - I dropped them out of principle. First, you don't cover the spread against freaking Vanderbilt. Then, you celebrate by stomping on their logo after needing a last-second FG to win? This is the University of Georgia for crying out loud! You beat Vandy by 3 and you're celebrating?

* * * * *
Others receiving consideration:

Virginia - Tied for first in the ACC Coastal Division. Two games ahead of Miami. Weird, weird year this is.

* * * * *
If You're New To This, You Should Know That This Team Will Not Get Any Consideration Until They Beat Someone Decent:


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